How to download and read books with the iBooks app

How to download and read books with the iBooks app

The iPad and the iBooks app, which has elevated books to a new level, have made reading much more accessible and enjoyable. And this is only the start.

Download eBooks using the iBooks app

One free book is included in the iBooks app. According to Apple, iBooks gives users access to an in-app bookstore that contains “tens of thousands” of new e-books for purchase. The price is a little bit higher than what we’ve seen from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, two other ebook retailers. Many well-known books can be purchased for $9.99 on the Apple iBooks store, but most of the books on The New York Times bestseller list cost $12.99. However, given that many of these books are available at the same price on Amazon’s Kindle store, this may be indicative of overall price increases.

You can download a free sample of the book to read a portion of it before you buy it, just like you can at other ebook stores. New books can be downloaded quickly and have full-color covers on a virtual bookshelf under the Library tab. You can read PDFs on your iPhone using iBooks, which supports ePub and PDF formats. However, you will need to transfer them to iBooks from the mail app or iTunes, and you will not be able to open PDF links using this app from Safari.

Reading experience with iBooks

The iBooks app’s eBook reading experience impressed me quite a bit. Books are displayed in full color, and using a finger, page turns are smooth and realistic. Landscape mode can be used to read books. The table of contents can be accessed via the link at the top, where you can also change the text’s brightness or size. The top navigation bar also offers bookmarking and keyword search, both of which are not available in the Amazon Kindle app.

Despite the app’s ease of use, there was one minor glitch that I noticed. We received an error message the first time we attempted to open a free Winnie the Pooh book, indicating that the resource could not be found. The app worked perfectly after we restarted it. We would also prefer to see books sorted by title rather than author when browsing the iBooks store. We’ve never been able to figure out if there is a way to change this in the settings.

How to move books from Safari to iBooks?

Without iTunes, you can upload books to iBooks. You only need to look for books online. What to do:

  • Launch Safari and visit the website. which allows you to download books in the formats of PDF and EPUB;
  • We locate the required book. You can search by page;
  • The button to download the file (a direct link to the file in EPUB or PDF format) can be found on the book’s page;
  • When we click the link to download the file, the iBooks app will immediately intercept it. After that, select “Open in iBooks.” We have completed adding a book to the library; Using iBooks, read books on your iPhone.

The application is able to read EPUB and PDF files. FB2, a new book format that is currently being distributed, does not support this application. However, this need not be a concern because almost any format can be changed into the one you require without sacrificing quality.

How to download and read books with the iBooks app
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